Empress Catherine II. Alexander Roslin.


Dagmar Necklace

Top: A rare photo of the original necklace.

Bottom: Replica from Royal Exhibitions.

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Russian combs carved from bone, 18th century.

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"She was a wonderful girl, possessed of a tremendous reserve force, and I never realised her unselfish nature until those dreadful days. She too was exceeding fair, dowered with the classic beauty of the Romanovs: her eyes were dark blue, shaded by long lashes, and she had masses of dark brown hair. She was not so lively as her sisters, but she was much more decided in her outlook. The Grand Duchess Marie knew at once what she wanted, and why she wanted it." - Lili Dehn


Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich of Russia and the Countess de Torby as King Henry IV of France and his paramour Gabrielle d’Estree


Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia and her brother, Grand Duke Aleksei Alexandrovich of Russia.

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1851 Sergey Zaryanko - Portrait of countess Maria Vorontsova

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